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SS Zanardo provides solutions to assist companies fulfill their tax requirements and audits from the Brazilian authorities.

Data Collection


Leveraging our expert knowledge, we define relevant parameters to extract fields from multiple SAP Modules (SD, MM, FI, SO, PP, AR, AP) to create unique databases for analysis. By this process we acquire information to:

 Sales and Purchase tax

Data refined by logistic movement, by invoice(nota fiscal), legal entity (CNPJ), branch, plant.

Production Transaction

Order, consumption and manufacturing expenses and third-party contract processes.

Stock Transfer Control

Linking logistics movements with/without invoices (Nota Fiscal).


Data Analysis


All this process is shown by a methodology of transaction by transaction to support a final report to fulfill fiscal requirements. Always align with tax lawyers and accounting experts (Peritos Contábeis) to design the best approach to use in each case.

With our methodology we assist clients with

Avoiding tax penalties

Tax returns

Compliance due diligence


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